Second People’s Free Republic of Soveria

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2nd People’s Free Republic of Soveria

"Для людей"
"The Internationale"
Capital cityVladasostock
Largest cityVladasostock
Official language(s)English, secondary language being Russian
GovernmentCommunist State
- PremierKonvashev
- Head of GovernmentPeter Warren
LegislatureNational Committee
- Type - National Committee
Established7 August 2018
Disestablished23 March 2019
Population43 citizens, however there is no official number for how many citizens were in Soveria, but it was estimated to be an average of 43 excluding diplomats
Time zoneMoscow Standard Time



On August 7, 2018, Konvashev Von Kazarian founded the 1st People's Free Republic of Soveria (Later being called the 2nd People's Free Republic) with Peter Warren. The nation grew in size and power, eventually reaching 67 citizens. With the establishment of a government, Konvashev appointed many officials and the nation continued to grow. He also established basic laws with the help of Peter Warren. The General Secretary was appointed by the Premier but was largely ineffective at her job but still remained in this position until the fall of Soveria

Growth and Prosperity

After 2 months of building and structuring of government Soveria grew as many from all over came to help. The military quickly grew in numbers as many wanted to enlist and server Soveria and its communist ways

Stagnation and Attempted Coup

Soveria was prospering well but after time in mid January the nation stopped its growth and entered stagnation as it was soon little recognized due to its nature of being a communist nation. The Army was soon abandoned by most as it was seen no longer of use. Then a man by the name of ‘Yuri Gagarin’ who had been in high position of government soon sparked a debate with another member of government, Erich Hartman of The Neo-Prussian Empire. They were debating about the formation of the National Committee which would resolve in the nation having a proper government due to before then it being a dictatorship with ruling being by the Premier and the Head of Military. It was fiercely debated and eventually escalated into Yuri Gagarin bringing in others who were on his side eventually resulting in him taking power. Luckily enough the General Secretary was able to notify the Premier in time to put down the coup by contacting the military. Yuri Gagarin was shortly after exiled for his actions and was never let back into Soveria.


Soveria was not the same after the coup and soon the citizens demanded more rights and a proper government. As such the Premier appointed a new official to represent the people of Soveria and would as such be in the National Committee to serve. Although this proved rather ineffective and resulted in decline and loss of population. The Premier later removed on March 12 after supporting a uprising in another nation the Premier was working in which badly damaged Soveria's reputation. Making the Premier and the Head of Armed Forces left.

End of Soveria

The nation was then a hollow shell of what it once was with no military left and little money along with only the General of the Army, the Premier, and Head of Government left. It was decided by the Premier he would resign and therefore ending the nations seven month long existence. The Premier resigned on March 23, 2019 at approximately 1:13 AM EST and the nation was therefore dissolved. The Premier disappeared from Micronational Politics for unknown reasons while Peter Warren left for Matachewan and the General of the Army, Sordanism leaving to tend to other issues. Thus ending a small dream that was only mildly successful.

Prominent Officials

Name Photo Time of Service Governmental Position Details
Konvashev Von Kazarian Konvashev Kazarian.jpg August 7, 2018 - March 23, 2019 Premier of Soveria Was the founder of Soveria turning it from a small nation to something to be proud of, he led from start to end. Although he was not always experienced in the field he did his best. Although his decision to dissolve Soveria was not well liked by many. He regrets his decision and wishes for it to have never left. Where he is currently is unknown as after Soveria's dissolution he had disappeared
Erich Hartman Erich Hartman.jpg September 22, 2018 - October 27, 2018 Head of Government Committee First came as a diplomat for another nation but later became an high ranking government official as he helped Soveria grow immensely and provide reforms and help in times of need. Although others did not have a positive opinion of him due to some 'unsavory' choices he still served well. Around late October he disappeared without a trace. As to what happened or why is unknown. Later during the Red Christmas celebration the Premier named one of its third highest honors 'The Cross of Erich Hartman'. He was and still is missed by many in Soveria.
Peter Warren Peter Warren.jpg December 18, 2018 - March 12, 2019 Head of Government, bot unofficially took role of General Secretary Was second to the Premier and one of the earliest members as he helped introduce the Military and Defense for the nation along with other reforms and was unofficially head of Armed Forces until Sordanism was placed as General. greatly expanded the nation and helped get the nation further into the Micro-national world by securing allies. Overall was one of the greatest contributors to the nation. his work was mostly unnoticed as he was working behind the scenes to improve the nation greatly. Although after supporting an uprise in another nation was removed from office by the Premier. Although this decision was regrettable as it later lead to Soveria's downfall
Sordanism (Image Unavailable) January 21, 2019 - March 23, 2019 General of the Armed Forces
Nicholas II Nicholas-II..jpeg October 17, 2018 - March 23, 2019