Thane of Herland

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Thane of Herland of the
Thanedom of Herland
Jon Stefensson

since 29 May 2021
Term lengthUntil death or abdication
Inaugural holderJarl Juvan I
Formation29 May 2021
DeputyGovernor of Herland

The thane of Herland is the title given to the of leader of Herland. It is the thane’s duty to rule over the territory in the name of Hjalvik and its Jarl.


The title was established on 29 May 2021, with Jon Stefensson immediately assuming the position as thane of Herland.

To date, Stefensson is the only thane to rule over Herland.

List of thanes

Number Picture Name Home territory Deputy to In office Notes
1 Jon Stefensson Rosby Jarl Juvan I 29 May 2021 - present To date, Jon Stefensson is the only thane of Herland. He rarely attends government meetings unlike the other thanes.