Thagian teek

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Thagian teek
ISO 4217
Banknotes₮1, ₮5, ₮10, ₮50
User(s) United Federation of Thag
Federation Allied with Thag
Funky Dancing Badger Nation

The Teek (known internationally as the United Federations Teek or the Thagian Teek) is the experimental currency issued by the United Federation of Thag's Department of the Treasury. In addition to Thag, it is also recognized as the official currency of the Federation Allied with Thag and the Funky Dancing Badger Nation. The Teek is not currently pegged to the value of any other currency or commodity; it is only worth as much as it is accepted for at the time. There are currently no Teek banknotes in circulation, but the Department of the Treasury has plans for producing more in the near future.