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Terry McKeen III

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His Royal & Imperial Majesty
Terry McKeen III
Prince of the Grand Principality of Arcadia
Duke & Viscount of Amesston
Arc-Prince of Zeprana
Head of the Arcadian Commonwealth

McKeen sometime in late May, 2022
Reign as Prince
Prince of Arcadia 20 May 2022 - Incumbent
Coronation 18 May 2022
Arcadian Presidential Flag.png
Prince of the Grand Principality of Arcadia
Assumed office:
20 May 2022
Prime Minister Conor Newman
Deputy Prime Minister of Zarkyiv
Assumed office:
12 June 2022
Prime Minister Manggala Alif Prasetia
Predecessor Raditya Widyawisesa
Personal Information
Born June 14, 2008 (2008-06-14) (age 14)
Lawrence and Memorial Hospital, New London, Connecticut
Birth name Terry Arthur McKeen III
Ethnicity White
Home town Worrell City
Occupation Inter-micronational politician & Prince of Arcadia
Religion Catholic
Military service
Nickname(s) Terry III
Allegiance Grand Principality of Arcadia
Rank Commander-in-chief
Awards Order of the Arcadian Eagle

Terry Arthur Mckeen III (born 14 June 2008) is an Arcadian micronationalist, diplomat, and is the founder incumbent Prince of Arcadia and is the first and only Monarch in the southern Rhode Island Sector. He was born in the early 2000's and rose to power in micronationalism in 2021 when he founded the Federal Republic of Zeprana with Charles Madgett, he soon gained power in the Empire of Ela'r'oech during Zeprana's time as an Elarian Realm with him becoming the speaker of Elarian Parliament soon after joining the nation. In May of 2022 during the 2022 Zepranan Civil War he was deposed as President, with him regaining power when he launched the 2022 Arcadian War of Liberation on the Cunningham-led Zepranan Workers Government of the Federal Republic of Zeprana and formed the Dominion of Zeprana. He has also served previously as the President of Worrell, Federal President of Zeprana, Prime Minister of Zarkyiv, Prime Minister of Norton and is currently serving as the Vice President of Richensland, Prince of Arcadia, as well as numerous other offices in various nations. He is primarily notable for his role in Commonwealth of Arcadian Nations with him being the head of the Commonwealth and the Monarch of its leading nation, Arcadia. He is also the founder of the Commonwealth of Arcadian Nations, and is the founder of the Grand Principality of Arcadia; he is also known for his role in the Dilu War, Zepranan Civil Conflict, as well as the 2022 Arcadian War of Liberation.