Territory of Pape

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Senyan Commonwealth
Flag of Pape (Senya).png

Unity is where we stand
O Senya
Map of the Commonwealth of Senya.png
Senya indicated by dark green, commonwealth nations represented by red
Official language(s)English, Senyanese (Official)
Official religion(s)Secular
- GovernorNevil Keough
- SenyavitePav
LegislatureAssembly of the Senyan Commonwealth
Established8 September 2011
Area claimedUnknown
Time zoneUTC -5
This nation is a dependency of the Democratic Environmental Society of Senya

Pape is a territory in the Senyan Commonwealth. It is distinct in the Senyan Commonwealth for being one of the two territories located in North America.


Pape was annexed on 8 September 2011, the same date as New Campbellford, also located within Canada. Nevil Keough became governor immediately, and has continued his governorship to this day.

Government and politics

Nevil Keough is the territory's governor. He has presided over the territory since it's inception. As Pape has a citizen count of 4, it is entitled to 2 Seats in the Assembly of the Senyan Commonwealth. Governor Keough occupies one of those seats.


Pape is entirely encompassed by Canada. It also is close to the Senyan territory of New Campbellford, which was annexed on the same day.