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Terra and Subsidaries

Motto: Buddugoliaeth, Neu Farwolaeth
(Welsh: "Victory or Death")
 - Emperor Emperor Logan I
 - Total 2.7e-4 km2 (0 sq mi)
 - Total 4
Demonym Terran
Time zone CMT
 - Summer (DST) BST (UTC+1)
Website https://peakdistrictrailwa.wixsite.com/newcymruofficial

Terra is the Capital located in northern New Cymru. Here, the castle of Weisseria is located. Said castle is named after the Blue Öyster Cult's song "The siege and investiture of Baron Von Frankenstein at Weisseria." In this castle is located the permanent home of the Emperor and the golden throne from which he rules from.


Terra is home to the Castle of Weisseria, which is the home to the Emperor. In his chamber resides the Golden Throne, from which the country is ruled, where the Terra Files are updated, and any decisions are made. Also in his chambers, are located the previously mentioned Terra Files. This files are highly classified, and only the Emperor's eyes can see the pages. Also located in his chambers are some of the creations he oversaw, including project RAD and the Awyren 05 headhunter prototype.


The climate in Terra is just like the rest of Northern New Cymru, for which is wet, cold and grey in the winter, and mild and dry in the summer. This pattern has been changing over the past few years, however, with summers getting even warmer than usual.