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Flag of the Baustralian Antarctic Territory.svg Blank.png Baustralian Antarctic Territory
Flag of the Bahamas.svg Coat of arms of the Bahamas.svg Commonwealth of the Bahamas
Flag of Bahrain.svg Emblem of Bahrain.svg Kingdom of Bahrain
Flag of Bangladesh.svg National Emblem of Bangladesh.svg People's Republic of Bangladesh
Flag of Barbados.svg Coat of arms of Barbados.svg Barbados
Flag of Belarus.svg Official coat of arms of the Republic of Belarus (v).svg Republic of Belarus
Flag of Belgium.svg Greater coat of arms of Belgium.svg Kingdom of Belgium
Flag of Belize.png Coat of arms of Belize.svg Belize
Flag of Benin.svg Coat of arms of Benin.svg Republic of Benin
Flag of Bhutan.svg Emblem of Bhutan.svg Kingdom of Bhutan
Flag of Bolivia.svg Coat of arms of Bolivia.svg Plurinational State of Bolivia
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg Coat of arms of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg Bosnia and Herzegovina
Flag of Botswana.svg Coat of arms of Botswana.svg Republic of Botswana
Flag of Brunei.svg Emblem of Brunei.svg Nation of Brunei, the Abode of Peace
Flag of Bulgaria.svg Coat of arms of Bulgaria.svg Republic of Bulgaria
Flag of Burkina Faso.svg Coat of arms of Burkina Faso.svg Burkina Faso
Flag of Burundi.svg Coat of arms of Burundi.svg Republic of Burundi