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Template:Standard is a template used for displaying monarchial standards. The only standards in this template belong to a head of state, and not their dynasties, etc.


Parameter Name Description Optional
1 1 Image to display. Can be a name from below, or an image path Yes, defaults to Noflag.png
2 link Link. If empty, and the image is listed below, it will link to the Standard's article. If not, there will be no link. Yes, defaults blank

Acceptible values

Value Image Link
Baustralia Royal Standard of Baustralia.svg Royal standard of Baustralia
Edstmae Royal Standard of Edstmae.svg Royal standard of Baustralia#Dominion standards
Fox Islands Royal Standard of Fox Islands.svg Royal standard of Baustralia#Dominion standards
Ikonia Royal Standard of Ikonia.svg Royal Standard of Ikonia
Caribbean Flag of the Dominion of the Caribbean redux.svg Royal Standard of Ikonia#Dominion standards
Kapreburg Royal Standard of Kapreburg redux.svg Royal Standard of Kapreburg
Ostreum Royal Standard of Tentacion.svg Royal standard of Baustralia#Dominion standards
Wangatangia Royal Standard of Wangatangia.svg Royal standard of Baustralia#Dominion standards
Quebec Royal Standard of Aidan McGrath as Duke of Limiport.svg Royal Standard of Quebec
Wynnland Royal Standard of Wynnland.png Royal Standard of Wynnland
Atiera Liam Munroe - Banner of Arms.png None
Vishwamitra Royal Standard of Vishwamitra.svg List of Vishwamitran flags#Government