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Kingdom of Sabia and Verona
doga sabiann veronarra
Flag of Sabia and Verona.png
Greater Arms of Sabia and Verona.png
Coat of arms

limañ valtirgeninnán
"March of the Valtirians"

Royal anthem
tenar ñoaibari
"All Gold and Nacre"

Location of Sabia and Verona in South America.

DemonymSabioveronese • Valtirian
LanguagesSabian (official and spoken)
Spanish • Lycene (spoken)
ReligionChurch of the Pahun
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary elective constitutional monarchy
 • MonarchTarik
 • Prime MinisterApollo Cerwyn
 • President of the ParliamentNarcissus Clyne
 • President of the Supreme CourtMei Xiongmao
Formation20 October 2012
 • Federation23 February 2014
 • Union28 February 2016
Area0.047 km2
(0.018 sq mi)
Population131 (2017)
CurrencyGroxi (Groxi sign.png) (SVG)
CGSC 4.2 (2019)[1]
very high · ???
EPI 2.7 (2019)[1]
Time zoneART/VET
UTC-3 to -4:00
Calling code+54, +58
Patron saintSaint Jason Momoa[2]