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Kingdom of Sabia and Verona
doga sabiann veronarra

Flag of Sabia and Verona.png
National Arms of Sabia and Verona.png
Coat of arms

hon dao valtirias
"Her name is Valtiria"

Location of Sabia and Verona in South America.

Capital Alios
Demonym Sabioveronese • Valtirian
Languages Sabian (official and spoken)
Spanish • Lycene (spoken)
Religion Church of the Pahun
Government Parliamentary democracy and elective constitutional monarchy
- Monarch Tarik
- Prime Minister Andrew Blackhorse
Legislature Parliament (atanói)
Formation 20 October 2012
- Federation 23 February 2014
- Union 28 February 2016
Area 0.0563 km2
Population 131a (2017)
Currency Groxi (Groxi sign.png)
CGSC 3.4 (2017)
EPI 1.6 (2016)
Time zone UTC-3 to -4:00
Patron saint Saint Jason Momoa

a Includes both humans and plush toys.