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Ikonia This is a Ikonian template. It turns a Service number into a name, or a wiki link if exists. It includes honorary appointments, reservists, volunteer reservists, and discharged or retired members.


In order of enlistment:

{{SN-IKO|100}} produces Commander-in-chief Cameron I
{{SN-IKO|200}} produces Admiral the Duke of Nikodemia
{{SN-IKO|300}} produces Commandment General the Duke of Limiport
{{SN-IKO|400}} produces Commodore the King Father
{{SN-IKO|500}} produces Chief petty officer Andrew Flores
{{SN-IKO|600}} produces Cadet the Viscount Ford
{{SN-IKO|700}} produces Vice admiral John I (ret'd)
{{SN-IKO|800}} produces Pilot officer Angel Davila
{{SN-IKO|900}} produces Cadet officer Logan Rock
{{SN-IKO|101}} produces Cadet Deshawn Trosche