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The Althing was a semi-regular meeting of all the member states in the Runic Union. The moderator was chosen ad hoc on each occasion. All member-states started out with one representative, and were afforded an additional representative for every six cumulative months that nation was active in the Union, up to a total of nine maximum representatives per member-state. The Althing was where member states were to resolve disputes, consider new member applications, and discuss changes to the Union's bylaws. Decisions were made using simple yea/nay voting, with each representative having one vote. Representatives reserve the right to abstain from voting, and were encouraged to provide their thoughts on proposed resolution(s). In the event of a tie, whichever side had been in the Union the longest was to win the vote. The Althing was intended to be called every six months, on the first Sundays of April and October;; however, in practice, the actual date varied per convenience. At least ⅔ of all member-states had to be present in order for the Council to assemble.

The Althing proved to be difficult to assemble, and its 6-month schedule was very slow to address the issues of the Union's members.