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Principality of Posaf
Flag of Posaf.svg FlagPosafnewcoa.png Coat of Arms

Let's Be One
Map of three Squamily counties
Capital cityTurtle City
Largest cityTurtle City
Official language(s)English, German, French [1]
Recognised languagesSpanish and Czech
Official religion(s)Christianity
GovernmentElective Constitutional Monarchy
- MonarchHRH Prince Henry II
- Higher LordJenna MacRonn
- Lower LordNicholas Randouler
LegislatureThe Kadelieort
- Type - Bicamerial
EstablishedJanuary 2, 2018
Area claimed7 acres (2.8 hectares)
Population57 (2019)
CurrencyPosafi Dollar Unit (PDU)
Time zone(EDT) UTC -4
National sportFootball (Soccer)
National drinkVoss Water
National animalAmerican Robin
Patron saintSt. Bernadette
This nation is a full member of the Grand Unified Micronational
Founding nation of the MOF

Posaf Government Website
Posaf Government Twitter
Posaf Government Reddit (r/Posaf)
  1. The German and French are languages for historical and cultural reasons, no fluent speakers are present in the Principality.