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Location of Seybold

The Democratic Republic of Seybold (/ˈseybold/ sea-bold) is a micronation founded on 8 September 2018 by Current President Cooper Norfolk’s Florida Bedroom. He Declared Independence from the United States of America to attempt a realistic nation in a small area and to strengthen the Secessionist Movement in micronationalism.

The Democratic Republic of Seybold scores a 4.00 on the Matthew's Democracy System of classification, as of 18 October 2018. The total population of the Democratic Republic of Seybold

The Democratic Republic of Seybold is a Presidential Republic, which is a republic an executive presidency separate from the legislature. Currently in the Democratic Republic of Seybold, the Government is divided into three branches the Formal Branch, the Upper Branch (Lawmakers’ Council), and the Lower Branch (National Assembly). The current and so far only president is President Cooper Norfolk, who was elected as the President of Seybold on 16 September 2019. Seybold’s official capital is the City of New Springfield. Other cities include Moore and New Springfield. Seybold consists of two subdivisions, the Province of New Woodlelands and the Federal District of New Springfield.

The Democratic Republic of Seybold has stayed the same exact size as it was since it was founded, 15.9997952 square meters. With all its territory surrounded by America, English is the official language of most Seyboldish citizens, but there are some citizens who do not speak a language.

Seybold currently has a Basil Economy and one tourist attraction in the Province of New Woodlelands. Intermicronationally, Seybold has not had much impact whatsoever. Seybold is a full member of the Florida Micronational Union, New Eiffel Union of Micronations and an Observer of the Grand Unified Micronational.

The Democratic Republic of Seybold is a young micronation and is hoping to have the ability to (more...)