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Location of Ikonia

The Kingdom of Ikonia, more commonly known as simply Ikonia, is a micronation located in Davenport, Florida. The nation is made up of 1 city, with a town inside of it. Ikonia has a surface area of 13.32 acres and a population of 15 full citizens, of whom all are territorial residents.

The Kingdom's form of government is an absolute monarchy lead by Cameron Koehler, King of Ikonia, The King rules all acts, signing of treaties and so on, but may get accomplished by a Ministry, such as the Ministry of Administration.

The Kingdom's total size has changed through it's history, starting out with 0.12 acres, each room of the Royal Residence declared a province, but Ikonia then changed the Royal Residence to live inside the city of Uvenia, which contains several towns inside of it.