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GUMlogo nowriting2.png Grand Unified Micronational: Date and Time TBA GUMlogo nowriting2.png
  • Opening
  • Membership applications
  • Associate Justice Confirmations
  • Addition of Duke Bradley to the Advisory Council
  • Creation of appointed advisor to the Chair
  • Results of the the 24 Hour Quorum Survey and the Quorum time Survey.
  • Observer Organisations
  • Addition of a Second Vice Chair
  • Sister Cities Project
  • Any Other Business
  • Closing

Venue: Discord server

Template:Portal:Grand Unified Micronational/Agenda/box-header
Grand Unified Micronational Member States
Full member states
Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall (Chair)  • Commonwealth of Essexia (Vice Chair)  • Kingdom of Wyvern (Supreme Justice)  • Empire of Adammia (Secretary for Public Relations & Press)  • United Kingdoms of Misberia and Caloudonum (Secretary for Statistical Research) • Republic of New Westphalia (Secretary for Events & Summits) • Principality of Posaf (Secretary of Diplomacy & Recruitment) • Principality of New Eiffel (Secretary for Micronational Development) • Empire of Aenopia • Kingdom of Atovia • Empire of Austenasia • Cycoldia •  Kingdom of Gradonia • Gymnasium State • Kingdom of Ikonia • Empire of Iustus • Juclandia • Kingdom of Jupiter • Principality of Ledilia • Kingdom of Lytera • Mercia • Union of Millania and New Granada • Montescano • Nemkhav Federation • Republic of New Rizalia • Tsardom of Nolland • Plushunia • Triumvirate of Sonderan • Palatinate of Uberquiesenberg • Commonwealth of Uskor • Kingdom of Wegmat • Zenrax
Provisional members
Kingdom of Begonia • Jusin Republic • Union of Nova-Occitania • Federation of Orientia • Poplar Nerva
Imperial Federation of Elysium • Grand Duchy of Flandrensis • Sublime State of Hasanistan • Kingdom of Kohlandia • Empire of Lehmark • Lusitania Federation • State of Malinovia • United Kingdom of Maradia and Fienomige • Federal States of Paragotnia • Saspearian • Republic of Upper Shwartz Morgen Lorgen Land • Despotate of Vlasynia
This list is correct as of 17 January 2020.
Please report any inaccuracies to the Chair of the GUM or the Secretary for Public Relations & Press.
You can apply to join the GUM here.