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Francisville (/ˈfrɑːnsɪs.vɪl/), officially established as the Democratic Duchy of Francisville (French: Duché démocratique de Francisville; Francillian: Groussherzuegdom vu Frankestädt, official translation Grand Duchy of Francisville), was an enclaved micronation situated in the Highlands of Scotland and landlocked around its borders by the United Kingdom. Founded in November 2008, Francisville was a parliamentary representative democracy under a constitutional monarchy where the Grand Duke of Francisville served as a largely figurehead Head of State. The Chamber of Deputies served as the national legislature and elected the First Minister as the Head of Government. Grand Duke James I served as the only sovereign from the country's foundation until the dissolution of the monarchy by his own initiative in June 2011. The country was comprised of three political Cantons and two territorial regions. English was constitutionally recognised as the nation's official language, whilst French and Francillian were also used in all official government business and thereby held de facto official language status.

The state was disestablished by referendum in 2011, leading to the June Convention and the establishment of the Federal Republic of Francisville (Francillian: Federalsrepublik Frankestädt /fɹʌnkəʃtæt/; French: République fédérale de Francisville; German: Bundesrepublik Frankestadt; Ripuarian: Bondesrepoblėck Frankestädt; Italian: Repubblica federale di Francisville; Francillish: Federaale Republik vus Frankestaad). Francisville became a federal republic and direct democracy led by a directorial executive, the Federal Council. Francisville was linguistically diverse, with seven languages being spoken across the federation including the national language, Francillian. National day was celebrated on November 28th; the foundation date of the Duchy. The nation suffered from internal inactivity leading to its gradual dissolution in Summer 2014.

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