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Confederation of Mahuset
Confederatie Mahuset

Confederate Mahusetan Flag.svgConfederate Mahusetan CoA.png

"Mahusiæ supra"
"And the Waltz Goes On"

Capital cityLazia
Official language(s)English and Dutch
Official religion(s)Secular
Ethnic groups60% cool
40% cool
GovernmentFederal constitutional presidential republic
- PresidentEmiel Sebastiaan Hardy
- Prime MinisterStephen Freayth
LegislatureLazian Chamber
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - Many
- Last election - None yet
Established3 January 2016
Area claimedidk
CurrencyMahusetan leo (MIL, ƒ)
Calling code+317 (claimed)
Date formatdd/mm/yy (AD)
Drives on theright
(in Dutch Matsia, Alkmaar, Geestmerambacht, Noorderhout, Ihuset, Morburn, Lazia, Virgo, Starnia, Lundenland and Matsio Anatolia)
(in British Matsia and Mamucium)
Internet TLD.mi (NationDNS)
Time zoneGMT
(GMT+6 in Virgo and Starnia,
GMT+3 in Matsio Anatolia,
GMT+2 in Morburn,
GMT+1 in Dutch Matsia, Alkmaar, Geestmerambacht, Noorderhout, Ihuset and Lazia,
GMT±00:00 in British Matsia and Mamucium,
GMT-5 in Lundenland)
National foodSausage roll
National drinkApple juice
National animalDomestic cat
National birdEuropean robin
National treeEuropean alder
National folk danceDriekusman
National dancePolka
National fishKoi
National flowerCommon snowdrop
National fruitRedcurrant
National gemstoneRuby
National mineralMoissanite
National stoneSandstone
National dog"Adoptable dog" and Corgi
National horseGray
National insectEuropean honeybee
National cat"Adoptable cat" and calico
National biscuitOreo
National grainCorn
National cropPotato
National exerciseCycling
Patron saintSt Pancras

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