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Flag of the United States of Akkerman.svg
Coat of arms of the United States of Akkerman.svg
Coat of arms

In Vino Veritas
Truth is in wine
Location of the United States of Akkerman.png
Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy raion,
Odesskaya oblast, Ukraine.

CapitalNew Whiteyard
General languageRussian
• Minor languagesUkrainian, Bulgarian, Romanian,
Moldovan, Gagauz, Albanian.
Official religionSecular state
GovernmentFederal republic
PresidentAnatoliy Chokin
Vice PresidentVladislav Chokin
• Upper houseCouncil of Land
• Lower houseNational Assembly
Founded2nd January 2018
Area94.5 km² (191th)
Population5 (2018)
CurrencyDogecoin (DOGE; Ð)
(De-facto: Ukrainian hryvnia)
CGSC 1.6 (February 2018)
fairly low
EPI[1] 1.5 (February 2018)
fairly low
Time zoneUTC+2
National drinksWine
National animalsCow
Official website
  1. With condition that GDP in economical classification is 10 times lower than in given variants. This was made to bring budget amounts closer to Ukrainian realities.