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Commonwealth of Rathunis
National Flag
Coat of Arms

Prosperabitur cum Honore et Humilitate
(Latin) Prosper with Honour and Humility
Administrative Seat Rathunis House, Singapore [1]

Official language English[2]

Official religion Christianity[3]

Demonym Rathunisian

Citizenship Not Published

Government Kingdom, Constitutional Absolute Monarchy
-King Boaz I
-Dynasty House of Emmaus

Legislative Authority The King

-Principality 25 July 2011
-Commonwealth Kingdom 1 January 2017
-Recognition N/A

Currency Rathunis Pound (de jure)
Australian Dollar (AUD) (de facto)

Time zone GMT +8, no DST

Drives on the Left

ISO 3166 code N/A

Calling code N/A

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