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May 2016 Mercian Constitutional Crisis
Date20 May 2016 - 29 May 2016
Mercian Parliament House, Mercian Lounge, Yellow Bear Micronational, Across Mercian Territories
Caused byMinority Government and a delayed election, as well as consitutional loopholes.
GoalsAppointment of a legitimate Majority First Minister.
  • Motiton of Confidence in Earl Eden
  • Constructive Vote of No Confidence in Earl Eden
  • 29 May Partisan Democracy Act Decree
  • Vote of No Confidence in Earl Eden
  • Nomination of Baron Whyatt
Parties to the civil conflict
National Liberal Party
Lords of Mercia
Lead figures
Baron Whyatt, Count Belcher, Baron von Uberquie
Earl Eden, Baron Cahill
His Lordship Karl von Ravensburg, Count Speaker Frisch