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The Royal Socialist Kingdom of Belslavonia (English)

Socialistické Kráľovstvo Belslovánie (Slovak)
Belszláv Komunista Királyság (Hungarian)

Ostbelslavonialand (German)





Belslavonia flag
our coat of arms

Honor to Eastslavonia!
Stand up for motherland, we dont speak about fatherland
Anthem of our micronation

Bratislava, Slovakia
Capital cityBelmponan
Largest cityMoskowish City
Official language(s)Slovak, English
Recognised languagesHungarian, Russian
Official religion(s)Reformed, Gr. Kat., Atheist
Short nameBelslavonia
DemonymBelslavonian, Belslavonic
GovernmentCommunuist parliamentary union under a semi-direct monarchy (dictature-monarchy 50/50)
- DictatorViktor Viktorivius Isaac
- KingMaxim Maximivilanus Miller
LegislatureFederal Assembly
- Type - unicameral
- Number of seats - 20
- Last election - 01 September 2020
Established28 August 2020
Area claimed3931 m²
CurrencyBelslavonian ruble
HDIvery high
Time zoneUTC+2:30 (GMT+1:30)
Internet TLD.bvn, .mzf.cz
National sportBicycling
National drinkKofola
National animalRabbit