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Card Title


| title =
| longtitle =
| text =
| longtext =
| type =
| bgcolor =
| cornervalue =
| image =
| imgback =
| flavortext = 
| creator =
| minicard =

title is the title of the card.

longtitle doubles the size of the title area when set to 'true'.

type is the card type - usually just "Action" or "Thing", but if you've got a more complex deck you can use "Thing - Crew", "Interrupt" or whatever you're using.

text is the body text of the card, if any.

longtext can be set to 'true' if the card text is too long to fit on a normal card, and can be omitted otherwise.

bgcolor is the colour of the card header background, as a hex value (eg. "f00" for red.) If omitted, it defaults to "600" if the card is of type "action", and "006" otherwise.

cornervalue is the value that will be printed in a box in the top right of the card, if one is required. If omitted, no box is printed on the card.

image is the filename of an image for the card, which should be uploaded to the wiki.

imgback is the colour to be shown behind the card image, as a hex value. If omitted, it defaults to white.

flavortext is the flavor text of the card, if any. It appears below the body text in italics, separated by a horizontal rule.

creator is the player who created the card, which is given in a box at the bottom of the card. If omitted, no box is printed.

minicard can be set to 'true' if you want a half-size card for use in example texts.