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Flag of the First Republic.


The date of establishment of Bonumland is subject to debate. Nick Rankov declared the First Republic on 1 May 2015, and the New Republic (modern Bonumland) on 21 May of the same year. Some consider 1 May as the official date of foundation while some consider the First Republic and New Republic separate entities, and therefore 21 May is the correct foundation date. The most widely accepted date of foundation, however, is the date of the adoption of the Declaration of Establishment, which took place on 21 May. Said declaration was mailed to then-President of Croatia Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović.


After creation Nick Rankov was unanimously declared the nation's first president. President Rankov proceeded to write acts including the Constitution and criminal code. In its early years, Bonumland remained strictly isolationist with the exception of very few micronations. Bonumland's first interaction with other micronations came with the Principality of Phokland and the now-defunct United Micronational Assembly, which it joined in September 2018 but illegally left later due to displeasure with the leadership and structure. Bonumland also made other alliances with various other nations including Malinovia, Lanzantonia, and Yorkshire, but for various reasons these alliances (aside from the alliance with Malinovia) were later revoked in favor of tacit recognition.

In August 2018, a situation unfolded between President Rankov, the Prime Minister, and various Parliament ministers. Certain motives drove President Rankov to fire select ministers in Parliament, warranting a fierce reaction from the Conservative opposition. The Conservatives, in response, dismissed the Parliament[a]; however, the 2015 constitution dictated that if the whole party dismissed the Parliament, it would mean the end of the Parliament, since there are only two parties. Therefore, the Prime Minister resigned and the Liberal Democratic ministers left the Parliament Hall. The situation forced President Rankov to sign the special decree known as gentis finem[b]. By signing this, Bonumland officially ceased to exist. A few days later an agreement was reached between the President, the Prime Minister, and the opposition ministers, and the announcement was made that Bonumland would continue its existence as a micronation. Rankov also announced in his address that the Parliament would undergo certain reforms in the future.

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