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Flag Coat of Arms Name Date Admitted Capital Official(s)
Third Flag of Amicitia.png Coat of Arms of Amicitia.svg Amicitia 10 April 2020 New Yera Duke
• Lord Casper
Members of Parliament
Hon. Tucker Gladden
Hon. James Bornstein
4th Flag of Integritas.png N/A Integritas 10 April 2020 Western Jarrahview Duke
Lord Patrick
Members of Parliament
Hon. Isaiah Burdette
• Hon. Rory McPhail
Flag of New Eiffel.svg N/A New Eiffel 13 February 2021 None Duke
• Vacant
Members of Parliament
Hon. Cristian Dobrev
Hon. Matthew G
Crown Dependencies
Noflag.png N/A Austral-Garuda 3 November 2020 - Governor
Max Baez