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Kingdom of Atovia
Königreich Atovien (de)

Civil Flag
National Flag
Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms

Scientia ipsa potentia est
"Knowledge itself is power"

Atovian Hymn
Royal Anthem

Map Atovia EU.png

Capital CityTheolonia
Largest CityTheolonia

Official languagesEnglish

DemonymsEnglish: Atovian
German: Atovischer(in)

GovernmentSemi-Presidential Constitutional Monarchy
- MonarchConnor I
- ChancellorNicholas von Kaos
- Prime MinisterThomas von Bainbridge
- Deputy Prime MinisterNewton von Uberquie
- Chief JusticeChase von Nanatovich

LegislatureHouse of Commons

Formation5 May 2017

Area0.02 km2
4.81 acres
Population16 (January 2021)
CurrencyAtovian Krone
Time zoneUTC-5 (DST observed)

Phone Code505
Internet TLD.av

Government Website
Citizenship Application