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This template is used on archived talk and non-talk pages.

The template has multiple optional parameters:

  • |1= (first unnamed parameter) Template:Snd the name of the current talk page if it is not automatically detected properly by the template or is from a different base name. Note that |currentpage= is an alternate name for this parameter.
  • |period= Template:Snd adds the editorial time period the archive represents
  • |diff= Template:Snd adds a link to the PermaLink of the original page at the archival time
  • |histOffset= Template:Snd adds a link to the history of the page, offset with the given timestamp


With no parameters:

Example with (almost) all parameters: Talk:Generation X was manually archived to Talk:Generation X/Archive 1 before itself being moved to Talk:Generation X/Archive 2 as an archive, so the content of /Archive 1 was technically copied from /Archive 2. Placing {{archive|diff= 29421877|histOffset= 20051127232500|Talk:Generation X/Archive 2}} at /Archive 1 gives:

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