Tarvitian Threat Levels

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The Tarvitian Threat Levels are the states of alertness of the Tarvitian Armed Forces. Introduced in March 2019 during the Afrax Value Intervention, the threat levels haven't varied widely since then. Most recently changing in early June, downgrading to "Low" in light of Tarvit's relatively stable state.

The system was introduced by Rex Lachlan as a method to effectively inform the commanders of the Tarvitian Armed Forces precisely what state of readiness they were required to maintain and to act as a reminder to Tarvitian Citizens.

Threat Levels

Threat Level Response
Critical An attack is expected imminently Exceptional Members of the Tarvitian Armed Forces are called upon to provide security for the Kingdom and bolster areas of vulnerability.
Severe An attack is highly likely Heightened Security presence and readiness is increased in a general sense, ready to move to Exceptional response levels.
Substantial An attack is a strong possibility
Moderate An attack is possible but unlikely Routine Tarvitian Armed Forces an general security staff continue normal duties and training schedule.
Low An attack is not likely.

Changes to Threat Levels

Date National
Threat Level
Yeoman Territories
Threat Level
17th March 2019 Moderate Substantial Tensions between the Kingdom of Tarvit, Republic Of Lurnex and Afrax heightened as debates over land in Tenerife heated. Lurnex and Afrax go to war.
20th March 2019 Substantial Substantial Afrax leader El-Tegani begins to taunt MicroWiki staff and other micronations.
24th March 2019 Substantial Severe First upgrade to Severe in Tarvit's history as El-Tegani threatens to annex Tarvitian Territories in Tenerife.
25th March 2019 Severe Critical Upgraded, again, in light of Lurnex and Afrax being at war. El-Tegani directly sets an operation in motion to claim Tarvitian Territory by force, in order to increase readiness the National Threat Level is increased as a precaution
26th March 2019 Severe Severe Yeoman Territories are downgraded to Severe as Lurnex and Afrax end their war, Tarvit still cautious of El-Tegani loyalist groups that may attempt a strike on Tarvit.
28th March 2019 Critical Critical Afrax Value Intervention begins, putting Tarvit at a state of war with Afrax.
30th March 2019 Severe Substantial Tarvitian victory against Afrax and the collapse of the rogue state puts the Yeoman Territories at ease, precautions in the Kingdom deemed to be necessary.
5th April 2019 Moderate Moderate A significant period of rest after the Afrax collapse led to no further tension. Rex Lachlan I reduces the threat level to peacetime levels.
6th June 2019 Substantial Moderate The "Tamtamweed" Militia, suspected to have El-Tegani links surfaces. Leading to caution within Tarvit that El-Tegani would begin a campaign against Tarvit.
8th June 2019 Low Moderate Tarvit enters a long period of peace, having no active enemies.