Taoiseach Seanad

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Taoiseach Seanad is the leader of the Seanad Holcetaea(Holcetaean Senate) and Head of Government. The responsibilities include enforcing order, signing legislation and presenting it to the Emperor of Holcetaea, and breaking ties. The Taoiseach is nominated by other members of the Seanad Holcetaea and is then appointed by the Emperor. Once appointed the Taoiseach may nominate a colleague to replace his seat who is then appointed by the sub-realm's sub-monarch. The Taoiseach is a member of the Imperial Privy Council. The Taoiseach may present Imperial Decrees that have been voided by the Imperial High Court to the Seanad to decide whether to overturn the Court's decision.

The current Taoiseach Seanad is HIR&SH  Elen I, Princess of Icenia. She is a member of the Imperial Federalist Party.