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United Republic.svg The Senate: Thursday the 9th Feb.2017, 18:00 GMT United Republic.svg
Speaker: Edwin Farrar
  • Welcome from the Speaker/Deputy Speaker
  • Reading of agenda
  • Announcements from the Speaker/Deputy Speaker
  • Questions to the Prime Minister and response
  • Notices of motion (including motions without notice)
  • Formal motions (bills)
  • Debates
  • Opportunity of statements by MPs
  • Petitions set forth by citizens
  • Closing remarks by Speaker/Deputy Speaker

Venue: Skype Quorum

Feel free to add topics you wish to be discussed in the upcoming session above. The topics will be analysed by the Speaker/Deputy Speaker and assembled into the agenda if appropriate.

Motions to be discussed

  • Possible application to the Union Against Micronational War and IFMF.
  • Announce the date of the Joincup.
  • Announce settlement plans in the claimed areas.



Date Motion Votes
31st January 2017 Adopt the Green Pact of the EMU. 100% support
31st January 2017 Adopt the Euro micronational Free Trade Market of the EMU 100% support.
31st January 2017 Adopt the common diplomacy pact of the EMU. 100% support.
31st January 2017 Adopt the Maltemps area common law of the EMU. Motion passed with 50% of vote.
31st January 2017 Adopt the human rights law of the EMU. 100% support.
31st January 2017 Farrar City and Peacetown designated as capital cities 100 support
31st January 2017 Adopted the common Currency law of the EMU. 100 support
7th February 2017 Official sponsor of the URFD National League The government voted the Intermicronational.
7th February 2017 Establishment of education in the micronation 100% support
7th February 2017 Apply to the GUM 67% reject