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Although it is impressive for an 12 year old to create a MicroWiki page as detailed as this, you mostly lied as described in The Andany Pamphlet, all templates are valid in this sense due to this, you don't own or live on the land you claim.

From, Cameron Koehler, King of Ikonia


This article is very well written but a lot of its fake. First of all you don't live in Andany we all know that and also you have lots of fake and dramatized things in your article. I'll only remove the template if you remove the fake things. Also what you did to Sycamore was beyond disgusting and your dad never was on the phone

From, Tom Kap

Sup User:Tom Kap, yeah it's me. Look, I really don't want this shit starting up again. I read the article, while it definitely needs some touch ups here and there, I do not believe that adding the (fantasy) template was justified. While the (dubious) template makes since, it should end there. Also remember, unless you are a mod/admin, you don't have the right to continuously keep adding the same template unless the staff says so (as far as my understanding of the wiki's policy goes that's true but if I'm wrong then ignore that last point). Anyway, I will help this page be edited. Also P.S. Can you please lay off a wee bit, I mean this is REALLY impressive for a 12 yo.

Thanks, Also, you need to sign your name with the ---'s at the end XD.