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Hello, there are quite a lot of redlinks here, even in the categories, could you please cut down on them, maybe just leave them as black? Red links look horrible for your page right now. As well please refrain from using links wherever, as you already sent a link to Sparta without actually meaning that micronation.--Christina I of Cycoldia (talk) 16:32, 28 October 2019 (UTC)

Hi, I cleaned up the page extensively. A good start, but please only use the link feature when an link, Wikipedia page, or Microwiki page is also connected with it, and add references by using:

 <ref>[reference], date of written, date of retrieved.</ref> 

Also, please extend this page, information regarding currency use, or culture would be nice! Finally, a good shortcut to the nation template is Template:infobox nation! -User:Jaydenfromcanada 19 November 2019

Foreign Affairs

Hey, I'm Christoph Billung, from The Kingdom of Begon. I've been on a mission to have talks with Micronations who claim land in North and South Carolina, if you would like contact, please reply here, on my talk page, or via email (, or discord (Krystof Billunge #6719). - Christoph Billung

How to join the ITUMNA?

Hello, this is basically a request to join the ITUMNA, and so I wanna know how. Thanks, King Ren of Cascata. | Go to the talk page of Kikuo if you'd like to talk a bit more.