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The Republic of Blazetopia is a military Dictatorship regime located in Pampanga, Philippines. The other name of Blazetopia is "land of the black cat soldiers", the national animal of Blazetopia is a Cat including the black ones, the black cat symbolizes our hidden talent and equality. The Republic of Blazetopia has 7 places, Gestro, Black Nanosia, VALSIA (the capital), Yantorlo City (Which is the most active city in Blazetopia), and swampy ruins and Habas/SILVANEZ. The Supreme Leader of Blazetopia is Jhurysse Magtoto. Which is the founder of the sovereign nation. Blazetopia also have generals but the Supreme Leader gave them a honorable discharge due to young age, and the former Generals of Blazetopia are still in the government, the other one is the prime minister and the others is the senators. Blazetopia also have an own central bank and money and passports.

File:Republic of Blazetopia flag
Our Great flag designed by Jhurysse Magtoto, and Nanosium president nathan khalel Arguelles