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United Republic.svg The Senate: 31 January 2017, 18:00 GMT United Republic.svg
Speaker: Edwin Farrar
Deputy Speaker: Unknown person
Second Deputy Speaker: James Smith
  • Welcome from the Speaker/Deputy Speaker
  • Reading of agenda
  • Announcements from the Speaker/Deputy Speaker
  • Questions to the Prime Minister and response
  • Notices of motion (including motions without notice)
  • Formal motions (bills)
    • Repeal of the treaty of mutual recognition between VAR and the Farrar Republic
    • Privacy Bill
  • Prposal of banning the Territory of St. Roger independence referedndum.
  • Debates
  • Opportunity of statements by MPs
  • Petitions set forth by citizens
  • Closing remarks by Speaker/Deputy Speaker

Venue: Skype Quorum

Feel free to add topics you wish to be discussed in the upcoming session above. The topics will be analyzed by the Speaker/Deputy Speaker and assembled into the agenda if appropriate.

motions to be discussed



Date Motion Votes
Tuesday 17th January 2017 Ban provinces/autonomous Territories any type of secession. 15 Support 3 Oppose 2 Abstain
Wednesday 18th January 2017 Music education to be compulsory 18 Support 2 Abstain 0 Oppose
Monday the 23rd January 2017 Announce a settlement plan in Antartica 10 Support 10 Abstain.
Tuesday the 24th January 2017 Legalize same-sex marriage 10 Support 5 Abstain 5 Oppose

Announced and unannounced notices of motions

Date Motion Votes
Monday 23rd January 2017 Claim a large part of Eastern Antartica N/A


Date Motion Votes
18th January 2017 sever links with the VAR 20 yes 0 abstain 0 oppose

The Supreme court of the Farrar Republic

  • Welcome from the Speaker
  • Reading of agenda
  • Take action against the homophobic riot from the people after the government decided to legalize sam-sex marriage.
  • Readings of defendant
  • readings from opposition
  • Final decison
  • decision of sentencing.

Venue: Skype Quorum