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Agenda in Grand Assembly

Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Shorewell.png Shorewellese Empire: Sunday 22nd January 2016 General Assembly, 12:00 EST Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Shorewell.png
Monarch: HIM the Emperor
Prime Minister: Maaz Munawar
  • Welcome
  • Opening from the Monarch
  • Call to order
  • Reading of Agenda
  • Announcements from the Prime Minister
    • Updates on the wiki page and website
    • Elections and discussions
    • Appointment/Removal of General Assembly and Cabinet members
    • Political parties discussion
  • Questions to the Monarch, Prime Minister, President of the Senate, and President of the Chamber
  • Notice of motion (including motions without notice)
    • Terminating diplomatic relations with inactive nations
  • Formal motions (bills)
  • Admittance of new territory
    • Territories surrounding Shorewell and overseas
  • Debates
    • Propose new ideas for agriculture and it's advancement
    • Taxes payment and assembly
    • Economic proposals and reforms
    • State Treasury affairs
    • Diplomatic requests
    • Budgets for various ministerial departments
    • Dealing with the federal Cantonian Nations and the Shahanshah title
    • How to deal with nations becoming inactive
  • Opportunity of statements Senators and Deputies
  • Opportunity of statements and explanations by the Monarch, Prime Minister, President of the Senate, President of the Chamber and other General Assembly and Cabinet members
  • Petitions set forth by citizens
  • Closing remarks by Monarch/Prime Minister
  • Time and date of next session

Venue: Hangout chat

Feel free to add topics you wish to be discussed in the upcoming session below. The topics will be analyzed by the Monarch/Prime Minister and assembled into the agenda if appropriate. Only post your ideas for topics to be discussed below.