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Message to Vulture001

Good morning, Your Majesty,

Could you please stop your modifications? I saw that you make everytime the same useless thing and this disturb myself. Let me explain why this is useless :

- HSH Emanuel I of Beremagne is the sovereign on old canadian territories. So, when he declared independance in those territories, he was, at this moment, successor of the Queen Elizabeth II, who is actually the Queen of Canada, because he claimed independant a english territory.

I hope that you understand... If not, too bad! I will correct your modifications everytime. Because I'm as stubborn as you, concerning this mistake.

I don't know why you make this. Firstly, this isn't your own page and you probably didn't ask to HSH Emanuel to make those modifications, as I deduce. Secondly, if the list was written from the Queen Victoria to Emanuel I of Beremagne, this is for a good reason, you know? Thirdly, I invite yourself to cogitate before make any modifications. It could be useful...because when I read this : "have made my share of mistakes and continues to do so" I understand better why this mistake (that you didn't call it in question, after a correction from Emanuel I) appears regularly.

There you go! I had my word to say...and he is said.

Good bye, Your Majesty!

Peter I, Emperor of Sandovia