National symbols of Solid Gold

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The Flag of The Empire.

The Empire of Solid Gold's symbols revolve around "The Green Spire," seen in the centre of the flag opposite. The brainchild of The Emperor, the image has absolutley no religious or political significance. The arabic-style symbols to the right and left stand for "Prosperity" (bottom left) and "Bravery" (top right.) The former meant to resemble tall towers, while the latter is meant to resemble a man holding a weapon and shield.

Flag of The Imperial Government

Previously a green flag decorated with a round sun and stars, the Imperial Crest was redesigned to honour The Emperor's agricultural reform.

The Imperial Crest

Flags of The American Possesions

The flags of The American Possesions, like the flags of the Soviet Republics in the USSR, all have variations of the green spire protrayed on them, to show a sense of unity.

Origin Isle Flag

The flag shows the Green Spire, with the outline of a kayak, as this was the first island claimed for The Empire.

Imperial Island Flag

The flag consists of sharp reds and white, showing off the strength of the largest of The American Possesions.

Crown Island Flag

This flag portrays the Spire hovering over a seascape, showing Empirean mastery over the waves.

Flags of The Scottish Realm

The Flag of F-topia shows the straight lines of the river Isla, along with the Green Spire.

Flag of F-topia

Military Flags

The flags of the Imperial Armed Forces are shown below.

Flag of The Imperial Video Service

I.V.S. Flag