Sycamorean Pound

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Sycamorean Pound
Specimen 10.png
Official users Sycamore flag.jpgKingdom of Sycamore and Republic of Quantum
Pegged to Pound Sterling 1:1
Symbol ^
Code SMP
Nickname Pound
Plural Pounds
Sub-unit None
Coins None
Banknotes 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 Pounds
Central bank National Bank of the Kingdom of Sycamore
Printer Sycamorean Government

The Sycamorean Pound (SMP) is the national currency of Sycamore. The currency is purported to the Pound Sterling and is used all over the Kingdom of Sycamore.

Countries that use the Sycamorean Pound


Specimen means example. This is to prevent people from printing our banknotes straight from the internet. They're not on the actual banknotes. Sycamorean Banknotes:

Specimen 5.png

Specimen 10.png

Specimen 30.png

Specimen 50.png

Specimen 1.png