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Sycamore-Booker, the capital of the Crown Principality of Landashir is going through a process of a possible twinning of cities. If you are a member of a nation, any type of nation, on MicroWiki, and with the permission of it's respective government you can put forward a city of that nation for candidacy in this process. e.g. "Jon comes from Landland. He asks the King of Landland (the head of state in HIS country) to put forward Landville, the capital of Landland, as possible twin with Sycamore-Booker, the Capital of the Crown Principality of Landashir."

Please put your candidacy requests on the discussion page of this article. Make sure the full name of your nation is stated and it's city you are to put forward. PLEASE put a good explanation why this city is worthy of being Sycamore-Booker's twin. The candidates will be judged by the Crown Prince of Landashir himself: HRI James II, and the Royal People's Council of Landashir. The winner will be announced on the 1st of September. --HRI James II 17:49, 13 July 2009 (UTC)

Post-script: If you have put a candidate down, and that state has yet to have relations with Landashir, diplomatic relations immediately begin (i.e. Landashir now recognises Varcetia and opens diplomatic relations with said Varcetia.)

On the 1st September, Saint Rychard won the competition.

Current Candidates

1: Saint Rychard, the Slinky Empyre Winner

2: Varcetia City, The Republic of Varcetia