Suzukia-New Israel Conflicts

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The Suzukia-New Israel Conflicts are a series of hostile confrontations between the micronations of New Israel and the Suzukia Realms: entities ruled by Suzuki Leōcor that include New Starland, New Providence, San Dover and Sunþrawegaz. The conflicts began under the guise of ideological differences in June 2016 that culminated in a symbolic war that led to the temporary collapse of the New Israel state in the autumn of 2016. New Israel's resurgence in February 2018 is seen as a growing threat by Leōcor and her allies, and is considered to be a continuation of the original conflict.

New Starland-New Israel Conflict

The origins of the conflict began in 1 June 2016, when Suzuki Leōcor of New Starland announced on a forum thread that she was a lesbian, and wondered out loud if their were any other female community members, to which it was revealed to her that Charlotte Katrínsdóttir of Uskor was also a woman micronationalist.[1] The next day Markus Pius, the leader of New Israel, made an effort to point out that Katrínsdóttir was not in fact a biological female, but a male-to-female transgender.[2] Further posts on the same forum thread revealed that Leōcor was also transgender (although she falsely claimed to have undergone hormone therapy),[3] to which Pius made a contracted effort to prove that transgenders cannot scientifically exist.[4] This minor conflict was easily defused by the administration team and Leōcor's laid-back sentiments towards Pius at the time. However the confrontation between Leōcor's gender identity and Pius's attempts to delegitimize her femininity would serve as a pretext for the eventual escalation of their conflict.

The Great Debate

On 5 June 2016, Leōcor, wishing to be able to put Pius in his place in a professional manner, invited him to participate in a public two-way debate with her.[5] The debate began later that day, with the chosen topic being on Islam.[6] The debate began to slide off the rails when the topic began to focus on Christian atrocities against the indigenous populations of the Americas. An interruption by Paolo Emilio of Trebia on 7 June,[7] a close ally of New Israel, and subsequent interruptions by this individual eventually derailed the debate past a point of no return. Emilio defended the enslavement of Native Americans by the Spanish conquistadors because it Christianized them.[8] Pius subsequently supported Emilio's comments, and further added in a redacted post that the native inhabitants of the Americas needed to be wiped out as necessity for the bringing of western civilization. After this the debate fell into chaos, with multiple interruptions by supporters of either side until the thread ran out of steam on 18 June.

On 10 June, Pius moved the conversation to a thread dedicated to exposing the atrocities of the Native Americans, with particular focus on the Aztec civilization.[9] This led to swift condemnation from the leader of the GNSR, Alejandro Valentino,[10] who himself is descended from Aztecs. Leōcor quickly came to the aide of Valentino's cause, and the two eventually formed a lasting alliance. The appearance of the Muslim micronationalist Bilal Irfan of Shorewell on the same thread caused Pius to begin making several posts and eventually threads dedicated to showcasing Muslim atrocities.[11]

The fighting between Pius, Irfan and Alejandro continued to escalate throughout the rest of June. Several micronations viewed the growing escalation as a sign of the micronational community coming to an end.[12] Two movements were created, one led by the Universal Triumvirate advocated leaving the MicroWiki community entirely,[13] and the other, led by Leōcor, petitioned the community administrators to remove Pius's access to the community.[14] The latter movement even went directly to the Grand Unified Micronational to plea their case for Pius's removal, but found the organization mired in debate over its ability to exact change over the MicroWiki forums. Leōcor eventually left the GUM on 20 July after a furious and often vulgar rant about its shortcomings, which only helped to damage her reputation over the next few months.

Rise of the Kermadec Union

New Starland-Holy League War (Fourth Spice War)

Fourth Spice War
Part of The Spice Wars
Date23 August 2016 - 11 September 2016
Microwiki Forum

Decisive New Starliner victory

  • Collapse of New Israel
    • Harsh backlash on Markus
    • New Israel and Markus leave the Microwiki Forums and Community
  • Collapse of the Holy League (inactive)

New Israel

Supported by

  • Holy League Flag.png Holy League
  • Ca-onarn.png Confederation of Renfrew (Since 24 August 2016)
  • Flag of Trebia.jpg Kingdom of Trebia (Assumed)

New Starland

Supported by

  • Coalition of Secular Micronations Flag -CSM-.png Coalition of Secular Micronations
Commanders and leaders

New Israel

New Starland

15 3

For the Holy Empire, the Fourth Spice War is the amalgamation of two simultaneous wars.

After the Emperor began making hostile remarks against Shorewell and issued ultimatums along with images of a burning Shorewellese flag, the Democratia of New Starland declared war on New Israel, and this was reciprocated with a declaration of war from New Israel on 24 August.

Prior to this, on the 21st of August, New Israel has issued a strongly worded ultimatum condemning Sandus, Shorewell, their respective leaders, and other members of the community for holding views contrary to those held by the Emperor. A great many nations from the community immediately announced their support for Shorewell in the diplomatic crisis, though ultimately New Starland declared war on New Israel following a round of uneasy talks between Markus and Clingsmerth.

The conflict eventually ended with the eventual ban and leave of Markus from the community altogether, following remarks that forum admins had deemed to have crossed the line too much. The Holy League's leadership collapsed, and as a result the organization descended into inactivity and dormancy. The crisis is widely viewed as a strategic and political defeat for New Israel, as it had failed to garner support for its cause, and eventually itself descended into forced isolation (though later returning in 2018). The decisiveness of this conflict changed the political landscape of the community in general, with New Starland emerging as a new rising power in terms of influence and diplomatic success. In the eyes of some, this victory had effectively reversed previous shortcomings like Operation MegaCat.

In addition to that, this conflict paved the way for Shoro-New Starliner relations to greatly improve as the latter had stood by the former during the release of the ultimatum.

Operation Genesis


Second Conflict