Susquehannock general election, March 2017

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Susquehannock General Election, March 2017
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← 2016 1 March 2017 2018 →
← 3rd Susquehannock Parliament
4th Susquehannock Parliament →

9 seats in the Susquehannock Parliament
5 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party
Leader Alex Mitchell Rachel Edgecombe
Party Progressive Labor Party Conservative Christian Alliance
Leader since 12 May 2016 19 September 2015
Leader's seat Conewago Rapids
Last election 4 seats 4 seats
Seats won 6 3
Seat change 2 1

  Third party
Leader Haden Rush
Party Nationalist
Leader since 2 September 2016
Leader's seat Wolf Creek
Last election 1
Seats won 0
Seat change 1

Prime Minister before election

Rachel Edgecombe
Conservative Christian Alliance

Prime Minister-designate

Alex Mitchell
Progressive Labor Party

The Susquehannock general election of March, 2017 was held on March 1 to elect members of the Susquehannock House of Commons of the 4th Parliament of Susquehanna. The election was called after Conservative Christian Alliance (CCA) MP Samuel Ewing was persuaded to vote along with the Progressive Labor Party (PLP) in favor of a snap election. On 15 February, the election bill was passed, calling an election for 1 March. The governing Right coalition between the CCA and Nationalists both lost a seat; for the Nationalists, their only one. This caused the PLP to gain the seats of Wolf Creek and Zion View, giving it a 6-3-0 majority. This also caused Alex Mitchell, Susquehanna's first Prime Minister, to gain the premiership for the second time.