Supremo Banco

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Supremo Banco

Symbols of the bank

Headquarters Vignetia

Country Decracy of Vilthia
Currency Main: Yuniversan Shilling
Founded 1645 (traditional)
2012 (refounded)

President Luca Venerio
Vice-President Elena Comici
Secretary general Walter De Meglio

Services Deposits, investments, loans.


The Supremo Banco (Italian for "Supreme Bank") is a private bank and financial institution based in the Decracy of Vilthia. It comes from the bank present in the ancient medieval feud, the Supremo Banco de Pinzon. It is owned by the House Zannier.


The Bank offers its services to the citizens of Vilthia and also to micronational governments, including those who do not have direct partnerships with Vilthia. For foreign governments, the bank offers deposits, loans, creation of web platforms for the management of alternative currencies, printing and minting of coins and banknotes.
The Bank proposes itself as the first institution of this kind in the micronational community, aiming to be able to satisfy the needs of all micronations all over the world.