Supreme Executive of Adonia

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Supreme Executive of the Federation of Adonia

Andrew Portrait with New Adonian Flag (Late 2021).png
Andrew Franson
since 7 July 2020

Style His Excellency
Residence Longhorn Governorate, Federation of Adonia
Appointed By Election in the Great Adonian Legislation or the Citizenship of Adonia
Term length Life (Can be removed by impeachment or if considered unable to lead)
Inaugural holder Andrew Franson

The Supreme Executive of the Federation is the head of state of the Federation of Adonia as a whole and the position was created during the Adonian Transitional Period in late 2021 as a position to replace the previous head of state position, known as the 'Premier'. Uses of the term 'Supreme Executive' have no historical context outside of Adonia. However, the term was originally coined up before Adonia's transition to socialism. It was brought back to fruition during the Adonian Transitional Period, and was adopted on 03/12/2021.


The Supreme Executive Position of Adonia first began on the foundation date of the Federation of Adonia, 07/07/2020, originally named the 'Premiership'. Originally, the position was to have a "Vice-Premier" but following much confusion, and the meddling of the first Adonian Election saw the position vacated and forgotten about completely. The Premiership in Adonia has much confusion surrounding it considering the fact that a Premier is a head of government position, rather than a head of state position. However, the original idea for having a Premier came from the ISSR, which also had a Premier as head of state. However, The Premier title was held onto because though having it as head of state was confusing, Andrew Franson felt it made Adonia's leadership position unique. The Premiership position was renamed to the Supreme Executive during the Adonian Transitional Period, on the 3rd of December, 2021.

List of Adonian Supreme Executives

# Premier In Office
1   Andrew Portrait with New Adonian Flag (Late 2021).png Andrew Franson
Adonian Torch Party
07/07/2020 - Present