Supreme Court of the Sorrenian Federation

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Supreme Court of The Sorrenian Federation
Goruchaf Lys o Ffederasiwn Sorrenian
JurisdictionSorrenian Federation
LocationSorrenian Federal District of Levaria
CompositionPopular Vote
Authorized byFederal statute & regulation
Term length6 months
Supreme Judge
IncumbentLlewelyn Lawton

The Supreme Court is the senior and ruling judiciary body in the Sorrenian Federation, responsible for administrative, civil and criminal law. Although unofficially used on several accounts, the Supreme Court has only ever officially held cases twice, due to the low crime-rate in the Federation. Theoretically, States and Provinces are afforded the right to regional Courts, however the need has never arisen, so minor cases are also dealt with by the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is headed by the Supreme Judge, who is currently Llewelyn Lawton.

Freedom of Speech Case

Shortly after the controversial Sorrenian Union of Fascists was formed by Eren Lewis, a speech was released,[1] criticizing the "vile Bolshevism", in reference to the large Socialist sector in Sorrenia, also calling President Alexei Janiszewski a "marionette under the control of Miles of Sorrenia" - he then went on to refer to the Jewish people as the "subhuman Semites". This caused Janiszewski to contact the Supreme Court, to have Lewis punished for hate speech. Although the majority of Sorrenians described Lewis' statements as "sickening", they also stated the importance of freedom of speech. The Supreme Court and National Assembly therefore denied the case, however warned Lewis about making such comments again. Eren Lewis later dissolved the SUF, and described the whole movement as an "experiment", although he stated that he did indeed hold Fascist views.

Nathan Lucas Case

The latest case dealt with by the Supreme Court, The case refers to an attempt by Nathan Lucas - a far-right citizen of the Federation - to undermine the legislature in Sorrenia. By covertly manipulating proposed legislation, he hoped to increase the power of the Sorrenian Party for Freedom and Democracy, by undermining the power of Socialism in the Federation. The proposal was however rejected outright by the party's leadership, who quickly alerted President Alexei Janiszewski. With Sorrenian Workers Party Chairman Miles of Sorrenia, he proposed to the Supreme Court that action be taken against Lucas for his actions.

Initially unsuccessful, Miles of Sorrenia produced a large speech to the Court and observers, labeling Lucas a "dangerous Machiavellian, intent on destroying democracy in Sorrenia". After this, Supreme Judge West agreed to ban Lucas from running in the Election and voting, to ensure that he did not commit voter fraud - as well as this, Lucas was publicly shamed and reprimanded. Lucas was however later allowed to vote in the 2015 February Elections (although he chose not to run), and was provided the ballot paper at the end of the vote, to ensure he did not manipulate the count.