Supreme Court of Skovaji

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Department for Business, Innovation and Skills


The logo used on the website, although it is unknown what the court uses internally

Established 1 April 2016
Country Skovaji
Nicknames Business Office


Run directly by Ofie derinvart hSkovagee
President Undisclosed
Party Alleigance None
General Information
Headquarters Skovaji, Hoggleton
Website Official Webiste

The Supreme Court of Skovaji is the higher court of Skovaji. Most minor cases end in front of a Sentancer, although other cases are transferred to the Supreme Court. It is also the supreme court in all matters under Skovajan law and Wesley civil law. It is the court of last resort and the highest appellate court in Skovaji. The court does not have single meeting place, although it usualy meets in the Court of Skovaji. The Supreme Court is the oldest part of Skovajan Government, dating back to the Republic of Bedroom.