Sultan Mohd Yusof ibni Almarhum Sultan Abu Talib

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Mohd Yusof
محمد يوسف
Sultan of Barapai
Sultan of Barapai
Reign 1962 - January 29 2001
Coronation Uncrowned
Predecessor Abu Talib of Barapai
Successor Badrul
Consort Raja Permaisuri Mariam
Tengku Irenazreen
Tengku Mazleeza
Tengku Badrul
Tengku Azrul
Full name
Tengku Mohd Yusof ibni Almarhum Tengku Abu Talib
House Moyang Salleh
Father Sultan Abu Talib ibni Almarhum Sultan Dato' Undang Abdullah
Mother Raja Permaisuri Pesah
Religion Sunni Islam

Sultan Mohd Yusof Al-Haj ibni Almarhum Sultan Abu Talib(Jawi: سلطان محمد يوسف ابن المرحوم سلطان ابو طالب) (born 29 January 1951) is the 3rd and second-longest reigning Sultan of Barapai, falling behind his grandfather, Sultan Undang Dato' Abdullah ibni Almarhum Shamsu, by only four years. He is a retired policeman in the Royal Malaysian Police and is currently serving as a lecturer at Saito College, Petaling Jaya.

Early life

Yusof was born on 29 January 1951 to Sultan Abu Talib ibni Almarhum Sultan Dato' Undang Abdullah and his wife, Raja Permaisuri Pesah. His father died when he was only 11 years old, leaving him to take the throne of Barapai. Despite this however, he lived in poverty.


He traveled to Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, to seek a better life. He founded a construction company, but this fell apart after he was cheated by his business partner. Facing no other choice, he joined the Royal Malaysia Police, eventually raising to the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police. He retired with that rank and now works as a Head of Department at Saito College, Petaling Jaya.

Sultan of Barapai

As Sultan, Barapai started to experience the first signs of an economic boom. This was realized under the reign of his son, Sultan Mohd Badrul Ezan. His reign was noted as being one of safety and security.