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Students Party Logo.png
Founding Principles

Student's Nationalism

Core Ideas

Student's nationalism
Student's socialism
Revolutionary socialism
Revolutionary politics

Founding Studentists

Eren Scott
Samuel Tirrell

Notable Groups

Student's Party of Eresamia

Studentism is a revolutionary ideology that was developed by Eren Scott before, during, and after the Student's Revolution that formed Eresamia. Studentism has been described by Scott as an 'experimental' ideology, meant only for micronationalism, mostly unrealistic in the macronationalal world.


Studentism is based on the idea that each individual school is within itself its own nation-state, with their own individual cultures and histories. It holds that each school should declare itself independent from the macronation that surrounds it, forming their own nationalistic, socialist government.

The Pillars

Studentism is based on a set of beliefs that are called 'The Pillars'. The Pillars are the basis of Studentist ideology.

  • Each individual school is an independent nation state with its own interesting and individual culture and history.
  • Each individual school is built by the students and the students alone. The Student is the driving force of the school, and of the path of history.
  • The Student has the responsibility to build an independent, socialist nation, free from imperialism and corruption.


Studentism is the founding ideology of Eresamia. Outside Eresamia, Studentism does not seem to have any support.

Eren Scott(Left) and Samuel Tirrell(Right), the two ideological founders of Studentism.