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Near London, United Kingdom
Official language(s)English, Dutch
Area claimed400m²
Time zone(UTC)

Official Website of the Government

Overview Strookland is an Islamic micronation in Bagshot, Surrey (The South-East of Britain) with a population of 4 and an area of ~400m². Its sovereignty is largely unrecognized, and was created on the 10th of April 2019. The micronation's geography consists of a small hill on the Western side of the country, a building in the centre and a rectangular-shaped plateau in the Eastern side. Since the micronation is located in England, it has a temperate maritime climate which allows lush vegetation to grow in all undeveloped areas of the nation. Strookland is an Islamic Monarchy: the current monarch is Abdul Treywey, monarchs in the future must be direct descendants of Abdul Treywey. If there are no more descendants of Abdul Treywey, then the monarch must be a descendant of Guru Banga, and if this is not possible, then Aarav Kapeshki.

Visas Visa free access is granted to the micronations of Lathania and (); the internationally recognized countries of The Netherlands, Serbia, Albania, Kyrgyzstan, North Korea and the DRC. Every other country must apply for a visa either online here or in person at one of the country's nonexistent embassies. Visas are notoriously hard to get, and the process is different for each applicant.

Citizenship Citizenship is acquired by filling out a form. To acquire the form, message @congo.ball on Instagram. Citizens have many benefits, including visa free access to North Korea, access to the European Union, low tax rates and free public transport around the nation.