Stratocratic Republic of Inyo

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Stratocratic Republic of Inyo

"To the victors go the spoils."
Altpreußischer Parademarsch
Capital cityBishop
Largest cityBishop
Official language(s)English, German, Spanish
Official religion(s)Baptist, Catholic, some Animism and Atheism
Short nameInyo
GovernmentStratocratic Republic
- PremierAndrew Miller
LegislatureInyan National Junta
EstablishedApril 13, 2012
Area claimed~20 mi sq
CurrencyInyan Military Credit
Time zoneUTC-8
Summer: UTC-7
National drinkSasparilla
National animalHawk

National Website

The Stratocratic Republic of Inyo is a micronation centered in eastern California, claiming many other small territories around the world. Inyo is a stratocratic republic which is highly military-based, and all leaders are officers in the Inyan Armed Forces. The highest ranking general is called the premier and heads the nation, appointing other officers as rulers of Inyan regions or secretaries of each branch of the military. Inyo is called so because of its government being located within Inyo County.


The history of Inyo as a micronation is short and simple. The nation has not gone through any previous forms, and has not existed for very long. However, the premier hopes to soon change this and bring the nation fame within the community.

Pre-foundation Era

Prior to April, 2012, Andrew Miller and company had been very engrossed within the fields of military and political history, particularly imperial European history. These men and women had also been fans of real-time strategy and wargaming, and some were firearms experts. However the group had supposedly felt that something was missing from these computer simulations. Soon, Miller had created a club or alliance of sorts between his gaming and history groups, all of them beginning to converse in a council, deciding the next move to make, also working together in major MMORTS games, ensuring absolute victory.


Still, there was something missing from this council, they saw. The group also had knack for understanding political issues, and what it was soon hit Miller; the group had everything that constituted a government, save for a regular meeting place, symbols, and a country. A week later, Miller told the group what he had thought, and they came up with a flag, symbol, and a place to meet, and had also begun to organize an actual army using the guns they owned. They got outside more and began to establish a physical political entity, capable of semi-independence.

Army Integration and Expansion

The nation was bustling and the military had become the ruling force, and every citizen was a member of the armed forces. This meant that the nation had technically become a stratocracy, although the term would not be used until a few days later. The government had only remained within the borders of Inyo County before this point, until the premier's supporting officers suggested an expansion beyond their current borders. Miller then went on to promote new claims far from California, claiming disowned land in distant nations, making a new sphere of influence for Inyo. These new Inyan claims went on to become the foundation for the current regional system used in the nation. The new position of Governor-general was created to rule over these lands on a continental basis.


Inyo is a stratocracy, meaning that the government is basically ruled by the military. A council of officers surrounding the head officer, or premier is the ruling force of Inyo. Every citizen becomes military personnel at the age of fourteen, meaning that everyone basically works with the government, and females are allowed to serve on the front lines along side any man. Every shop is state-owned, and private enterprise is illegal. Healthcare is centralized, for the soldiers must be cared for at any cost.


The Premier of Inyo is the highest-ranking official in the nation. They are the head of all operations by the government, no matter whether it is belligerent or benevolent. The premier is sometimes called a benevolent dictator, since it is basically through merit that he rules the nation. The current premier is Andrew Miller, and it is expected to remain this way, since Miller has proved better with warfare and strategy than any other soldier in the armed forces, and performs more efficiently than any other personnel.