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The Stealth Corps (SC from here on out) is a proud militaristic micronation of Pa. It has built up forts, trade centers and embassies for those who are allies. The SC has conquered over 1 square mile for the name of their nation and has wiped out any other Nerf or Airsoft tribes and squads near and on their territories. The SC was originally founded in the year 2004 supposedly by Courtney (who I will not mention her last name), but may not have formed it for she and Eric had a dispute over the command position.

The start of the SC was nothing more than a way to spy on our parents about 8 years ago. We were young with all the original Nerf Guns. The farthest we ever considered "claimed" was not much farther than the col-da-sac about 50 feet down the road. Training was not really availible untill about 5 years ago. The times of the SC back then were calm and for fun. The first truly established fort of our army was built in the year 2004 and was pretty much a bush we hid behind. At this point, the SC was weak and vulnerable to just about everything. But, that was alright, because the SC was not really a force at all, but a club.

Now at 7 years later, the SC has eliminated all other Nerf AND Airsoft forces that did not join with them. The group now owns about 1 square mile split between embassies in the nearby Union, Covenant, and 3 different colonies from Quakertown to Norristown. The SC runs the most elaborate trades routes and posts. We also have over 1 square mile of claimed land on which we have 8 different forts and bases used to travel and defend the land. Our flag flies free and strong over many different places. We are currently looking for allies, and will kick any enemies butts pretty badly.

[1] The SC recruitment campaign started to kick up in early April 2011. By this point in time, military powers had been in Commander Wolf's possession for about 4 years. He wanted to set forth into uncharted neighborhoods and start campaigns for new troops. With the help of the small Congress, Wolf appointed now First Lieutenant M. Almeida to the task. Feared she would lose power from the main government branch, Congress woman and Second Lieutenant S. Diehl put one of her own squad in charge of the campaign along side with Almeida. Although the decision was based off of greed and jealousy, there were no complaints having feared Civil War. But it was too late...

"A parasite is what which feeds from the host, hurting it in turn" ~ War Chief Lehman

The middle of May 2011 was a time of war for the SC. The Killer IV (led by Congresswoman S. Diehl) set forth in driving out the A.T. squad via racism and rude comments. Led by C. Yu, the newly formed N.S. emerged from the A.T. squad. After about a day of spying, the SC found out J. Hutchings had gained SC military info and fed it to the N.S.(Hutchings was also harassed by the Killer IV). Wolf was not happy and wanted the A.T. squad and Jonny back until the Battle for Eric Ln.

What triggered the battle was greed. The N.S. (a.k.a. Nerf Society) had stolen goods and supplies from an SC trade caravan. Naturally, Wolf wanted to see what had happened, and he didn't believe it. Immediately, he ordered the Death Pass Guardians to lock down all trade routes in the area, he sent his squad (Alpha Squad), and the Killer IV to be patrolling, it was war.

"We have visual, Commander, we are on standby with artillery waiting for your command", were the first words ushered by any soldier on that day. Admiral J. Stimmler had sent a message over walkie-talkie. "You are clear to engage when in range. All mission ago", was the next thing to be said by SC comm towers. Stimmler had taken over Alpha Squad and prepared to engage the 5 man army. At that point, Aplha Squad prepared a dust mortar when Killer IV came at an N.S. flank. The Alpha squad could not make a successful strike on the enemy with friendlies down range. The N.S. retreated to home territory where 3 new recruits of the SC and 2 other squads waited. There was no where to hide. Snipers took out one after another, while heavy ground troopers mowed them down. After 30 minutes, the N.S. retreated to the woods.

About a week later, First Lieutenant M. Almeida took their new leader, Hutchings, to the SC capital. After bringing him to it, Commander Wolf acted as if he had been captured. As Hutchings screamed, the whole force (27 in the neighborhood, 2 Union ambassadors, 0 colonists) came out of the woods nearby and took Hutchings to Ft. D for questioning. He revealed the location of the supplies stolen from the caravan and the N.S. capital (which was actually a private fort of a soldier). Then, Second Lieutenant M. Diehl spotted the remaining N.S. forces. She took a shot and hit J. Yu. The whole N.S. dropped their weapons and asked for their leader back. Little did anyone know it was a trap. Later that night, the N.S. snuck into Ft. D and sabotaged everything.

By morning the next day, the Killer IV started pressing an attack on the N.S. resistance front. The SC had another long day of fighting. Or so most had thought. When about a total of 15 troops of SC forces had arrived, the N.S. surrendered for that battle. Hutchings even joined back to the SC on probation. This is how the SC got back what was theirs and won over the N.S. Trade Lord D. DiNunzio of the Covenant showed up armed to the teeth with airsoft, rubberband guns, and modded nerf guns. All Alpha Squad and Killer IV were called to battle. Now all the SC needed was Hutchings.

Hutchings drew out the N.S. fighters for they thought he was still a friendly to them. They arrived via Bradford Pass to where they crashed an "officer's meeting". At that point all SC troops there that day ambushed the remaining 4 troops. Admiral Stimmler then was attacked by C. Yu. The two fought it out for about 5 minutes when DiNunzio shot him in the shoulder with a Nerf gun with pins in the end of the darts. The N.s. retreated immediately after surrendering their army.