States of Andany

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Flag Map of Andany.png This article relates to the Principality of Andany. CoA Andany.png

The three states of Andany include Floris, Zuhaitza, and Mendia.

Colored Map of the States in the Principality of Andany, c. 2018
  Floris Floris Flag.png
  Mendia Flag of Mendia.png
Picture Name Population Flag Representative/Associated Town/Governor/Governing Commissioner ZIP Code Demonym
Hibiscus Bay.png Floris 6 Floris Flag.png N/A 2-- Floreneans
Zuhaitza Pic.jpg Zuhaitza 1 Flag of Zuhaitza.png N/A 3-- Zuhaitzans
Mendia Pic.jpg Mendia 1 Flag of Mendia.png N/A 4-- Mendians